Plan Your Holiday Marketing

Finish 2019 with some holiday cheer! Choose from our addressed or Every Door Direct Mail postcards to create the perfect marketing plan to close out the year.



Save 20% on Holiday Postcard Marketing before December 11th

Black Friday is over but that doesn't mean the Christmas spending is going to stop! In fact, according to Statista, the highest percentage of holiday shopping takes place in December, and the National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend over $728 billion this year. With that much money up for grabs, how are you securing your share of the holiday spending spree?

Choose from the options below to build your targeted postcard marketing plan and stake your claim in the competitive holiday market. Place your order by December 11 and receive 20% off.



Break through the noise and clutter this holiday season with a postcard campaign that is targeted with pinpoint accuracy.  Variable printing gives you the opportunity to personalize each postcard for each customer, and our mailing lists can be filtered by hundreds of different categories, including previous buying activity, household size, and annual income.  Work with us to create a winning plan, then reach your customers within days.

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Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM postcards do not need to be addressed; they are simply put in every mailbox on the postal carrier’s route.  There is less work involved in addressing and sorting the postcards, so your postage costs drop dramatically.  If targeting by carrier route or zip code is in your holiday marketing plan, contact us to start your project today.

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