New Mover Postcard Printing and Mailing

Connecting with new residents in your local area requires a balance between offering products or services and creating a welcoming environment. At Excel Printing and Mailing, we help businesses successfully market to new movers with proven strategies that acquire leads and turn them into customers.


How to Reach New Movers

New movers want to form relationships with reputable companies and organizations. One of the most effective ways to make these connections is by marketing to a new resident mailing list, with direct mail that showcases local talent and meets their needs. For example, new mover postcards are some of the most popular choices local businesses use to get the word out about their brand. 

Our team has the ability to generate live new mover mailing lists for local businesses across the country. New mover marketing is popular and effective across industries. Some of the many businesses we serve with new mover postcards and other mailer types include:

  • Dental Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Utility Companies
  • HVAC Companies
  • Landscaping Companies
  • All Home Service Companies!


Choose your monthly plan below....

Residents move in and out of communities every day. Excel Printing and Mailing can help you reach new movers to earn their business ahead of your competitors by sending out your message to new movers monthly.

Subscribe your business or organization to our monthly new mover marketing program to ensure you are connecting with families as they move into the neighborhood. We provide you with updated mailing list and handle your printing and mailing process, showcasing your business or organization as a community leader. Professional design service is available, and you can cancel at any time.

Send a welcome message, offer a special promotion, or provide an invitation for new residents to visit your location. We take care of every aspect of your mailers so you can focus on continuing to provide quality products and services.



How Does New Mover Marketing Work?

Excel Printing and Moving will professionally design, print, and mail your new mover postcards and direct mail pieces. We provide targeted mailings that send a personal message with special offers, incentivizing content, and powerful calls-to-action (CTAs). The best part? Our new mover and new homeowner mailing lists are professionally cultivated at a value to you, with a cost of only $0.065 per record.

Additionally, our team will work with you to keep your new mover’s database updated, reaching new names and addresses on a timeline that is integrated with your marketing plan. 


3 Effective Strategies for New Resident Mailers 

New customer generation is as easy as 1,2,3! Choose seamlessly integrated new mover direct mail services, featuring a variety of capabilities from Excel, including:  

New Mover Postcards

We have numerous postcard sizes and types available, with the ability to print your unique message, sending it directly to residents. New mover postcards are some of our most popular products. Bonus: You get a free new mover mailing list with your first postcard print and mail project!

Turnkey Printing and Mailing

Professional, appealing postcards and other prints are mailed with ease. Don’t worry about coordinating postage or individually sending your direct mail to new movers – we’ve got you covered. 

Digital Mailing List Downloads

You receive new resident mailing lists quickly and efficiently to plan where your marketing materials are going. Excel provides detailed reporting lists with real-time downloads at your fingertips.


New Mover Marketing Statistics

There are many reasons effective new resident mailing lists can play a critical role in expanding your customer base:

  • You are 5x more likely to secure a long-term customer relationship with a new mover if you connect with them ahead of other companies.
  • New consumer response rates to coupons or offers from proactive businesses is near 80%.
  • Expenditures for new movers are 9X higher than that of non-movers in the first year following a move.

New Mover Marketing Questions

Questions & Answers

How do you find new movers?

Our new mover mailing list is compiled from deed recordings, changes of address, new phone hook-ups, credit card updates, and more. 

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How often is the mailing list updated?

Our new mover mailing list is updated weekly.

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If I want to mail to new residents monthly, is there a contract?

Our team of new mover marketing specialists can help you reach new residents each month via postcards, brochures, or letters designed for your target audience. There is never a contract to sign. You can cancel at any time.

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Can I purchase just the new mover mailing list?

Yes, you can run your own new mover list search, purchase the mailing list and download it instantly at . There are no sign up or download fees.

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What is the difference between a new mover and new homeowner?

A “new resident” or “new mover” may rent or own their home, whereas a “new homeowner” is someone that has purchased their home. In the case of new mover marketing, a “new homeowner” does not necessarily refer to a first time home buyer. 

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Is there a template for a new mover postcard?

Yes, if you are going to design your own new mover postcard, you can use one of our downloadable templates and download the 5.5x8.8 postcard template. Feel free to contact customer support at 1-877-765-6245 if you have any questions.

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