Every Door Direct Mail®

Reach your target customers at a fraction of the cost. Every Door Direct Mail® direct marketing campaigns are a cost-effective way to get your business noticed. Excel Printing and Mailing is proud to offer quality EDDM® postcard printing and mailing services for any sized business.

What is Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM)?

Save Money with EDDM® Postcards

Every Door Direct Mail® - EDDM® is a USPS service that allows businesses to send direct marketing postcards to all addresses on a mail carrier's route. This service save businesses money by removing the need to purchase a mailing list. Choose your targeted zip code or carrier route and let us do the rest!

Save Time with EDDM® Postcards

Excel Printing and Mailing has the experience you need for a successful direct marketing campaign. We offer EDDM® Printing, EDDM® Postcards, and EDDM® templates to get your campaign up and running quickly. You will have one main point of contact who will guide you through the process - from design, printing, carrier route bundling, and mailing. We handle the postal paperwork and ship directly to your local post office, leaving you to run your business, while we handle the details of your Every Door Direct Mail® campaign.

Get Noticed with EDDM® Postcards

The Every Door Direct Mail® Program is a great way for all businesses, no matter the size or industry, to produce results. Working with our EDDM® experts, you can rest assured that your campaign will be successful. A delivery time of 7-14 business days is typical for the EDDM® program. Excel Printing and Mailing also offers postcard UV coating services to ensure your EDDM® postcards stand out. Postcard UV coating makes your postcards thicker and adds an eye-catching, shiny clear coat.

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Qualifications for EDDM®:

  • EDDM® postcards must be mailed to entire ZIP codes or individual carrier routes
  • EDDM® postcards must be taller than 6.125" or longer than 10.5" and smaller than 12"x15"

Why use Excel Printing and Mailing?

Excel Printing and Mailing are experts in EDDM® postcard printing and mailing. Whether you design your own marketing piece or have our professional design team create the design for you, we know what it takes to get your mailing processed through the post office correctly. Let us help you save time and money on your next campaign when you use the Post Office EDDM®.

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3 Easy Ways to Get 
Your Every Door Direct Mail® Project Started Now

Let our Every Door Direct Mail® marketing specialists help you design an EDDM® postcard branded with your special identity. We ease the hassle of managing your Every Door Direct Mail® -- because we can design, print, bundle and deliver your Every Door Direct Mail® Postcards directly to your local post office.


Have our creative graphic designers create your postcard. Call us at 1-877-765-6245 or request a FREE consultation to get started.

Contact us

Send us the file you have created.  Our postcard experts are experienced with using all design software programs.

Upload files

Tell us about your project and an Every Door Direct Mail® postcard specialist will contact you with marketing ideas that work!

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EDDM® Postcard Sizes


6.25” x 9”
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6” x 11”
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6.25” x 11”
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8.5” x 11”


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When you choose Excel for a full-service EDDM® campaign, we’ll take care of everything, from design, print, carrier route bundles, EDDM® postal paperwork, and delivery to your local post office. Or choose our a-la-carte service, and we'll send the postcards directly to you, so you can bundle and deliver them to your local post office at your convenience.


Main EDDM® Benefits:

  • Lowest postage rates
  • Mail to every address on a carrier route
  • Convenience of Neighborhood Targeting
  • No Mailing List needed
  • Turnkey Service by Excel Printing

Every Door Direct Mail® Questions

Questions & Answers

What are your standard Every Door Direct Mail® postcard sizes?

Our standard Every Door Direct Mail® postcards sizes are 6.25x9", 6x11", and 8.5x11". We also offer 11x17" folded to 6x11" or 8.5x11". Also available are custom sizes as long as they fit the EDDM® criteria from the United States Postal Service.

View how to select the right sized EDDM® Postcard.

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Do you ship the EDDM® postcards to me or directly to my local post office?

We can either ship the EDDM® postcards to your address for bundling or we can provide a full-service Every Door Direct Mail® program and bundle the EDDM® postcards by carrier route and ship them directly to your local post office for you.

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Where do I find the carrier routes to deliver my EDDM® postcards?

You can look up EDDM® carrier routes with our map

Or call us at 1-877-765-6245 and we'll work with you to select the routes that are best for your campaign.

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Do I have to mail to an entire ZIP Code?

A ZIP Code is broken into carrier routes. You do not have to mail to an entire ZIP Code, just an entire carrier route.

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With Every Door Direct Mail do I have to mail to businesses?

With Every Door Direct Mail® you may exclude businesses, that way you are only sending to the appropriate audience.

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What is the difference between Every Door Direct Mail® and Direct Marketing?

Every Door Direct Mail® is a cost-effective program from the United States Postal Service that allows you to send direct marketing postcards to an entire zip code or mail carrier route without purchasing a mailing list. You are able to target specific zip codes, neighborhoods, or local areas at a lower postage rate.

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What is the turnaround time for the EDDM® program?

A delivery time of 7-14 business days is typical for an EDDM® program.

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Once I drop items off to PO how do I pay for the postage

If we are shipping your printed Every Door Direct Mail© postcards to you, instead of using our full service then we will make sure to include the indicia for Every Door Direct Mail Retail© on your postcard.  We can help with the post office website to produce the paperwork and show you have to pay your postage online, or you can bring a check with you to the Post Office. If you use our full service postcards then postage will be included in your invoice. Our full service includes: bundling, shipping your Every Door Direct Mail Postcards© to the Post Office and postage. Please give us a call at 1-877-765-6245 or use this link to request a quote .

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