High Gloss UV Coating – What is it and should I get it?

UV Coating is a popular and effective way to make your printed materials stand out. Is it right for you?


High Gloss UV Coating – What is it and should I get it?

You’ve probably seen it before—the kind of printed materials so glossy that you can almost see your reflection. This isn’t a special type of paper—it’s a special type of finish called High Gloss UV coating.

What is High Gloss UV Coating?

UV (short for Ultra-Violet) coating gets its name from the process used to “cure” the finish on your printed materials. First, the UV Coating machine places a special coat of varnish to your printed materials, on one or both sides according to your preferences. Next, the machine “cures” your cards using a specially calibrated Ultra-Violet light, the same type of light that comes from the sun. This hardens the coating on the card, drying it instantly with a super shiny finish.

What are the benefits of UV Coating?

First, High Gloss UV Coating is a very popular way to make your message pop. The high gloss shine not only provides a unique, smooth texture, it also sharpens your images and locks in the vibrant colors of your design, making your materials more resistant to fading over time.

Second, UV coating gives your card a thicker feel. The coating on one or both sides of your stock of choice gives your card an extra layer, meaning it feels thicker and heavier in your hand. This is perfect for business cards, postcards, and other materials where thickness makes a difference.

Third, applying High Gloss UV Coating is like adding a protective barrier to your printed products. The coating is designed to make your materials more tear, fold, and curl resistant—giving them more opportunity to end up in the hands of your target audience and not in the trash.

Is UV Coating environmentally responsible?

Although it’s true that some methods of UV coating can give off toxic fumes, at Excel Printing and Mailing we took our time to research all of the options out there and selected the UV coating machine that’s right for your needs and right for the environment. You can be assured that when you use High Gloss UV coating on your printed products, you’re not doing so at the expense of the environment. And just like standard paper, our UV coated materials can be recycled.

Why should I choose High Gloss UV Coating?

High Gloss UV Coating helps your printed materials stand out from the rest. In addition to giving your materials more texture, which appeals to the senses, UV coating also sharpens your colors and helps your images pop off the page. Additionally, UV coating reduces smudging and makes your postcards, business cards, flyers, etc. more resistant to folds, tears, and curls. Consider giving your next printing project an extra boost with High Gloss UV coating!

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