Mailing Service

Save time and money when you use our mailing services for your next direct mail campaign. We will find the best postage rates and pass the savings on to you.

Why use a professional mailing company?

Mailing Services can save time and money by allowing us to handle your project from press to the post office. Our direct mailing service expertise ensures you receive the lowest postage rates available and the fastest delivery schedules in the mailing industry. Our list cleansing techniques save you money and decrease returned mail.

Mailing Services

Data Services

  • Zip+4 Encoding & Correction
  • Presort & Bar-coding
  • Address Standardization
  • Enhanced Carrier Routing
  • CASS & NCOA certification
  • Remove duplicate and undeliverable addresses
  • Custom Reporting
  • Distribution & Drop Ship Reports
  • Merge / Purge Mailing List
  • Mail Tracker Reports

I first “chatted” with him online last week and was so impressed with his willingness to help. Since then I explored several other printing and mailing companies. There is no one that was as friendly or professional as Josh. Wow! Josh continued to impress with his knowledge and patience. I am SO happy that I found your website and more importantly found Josh.
- Susan

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Mailing Service Questions

Questions & Answers

If I am using your mailing service, what format does the list have to be in?

We can import most file formats into our mailing list software. Our data experts will match your fields to our software

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Can I use your mailing permit?

Yes, if you are using our mailing services, you can use our permit instead of needing your own mailing permit.

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Can I mail at non-profit rates?

If are authorized to mail at non-profit rates by the United States Postal Service then we will be able to get you the non-profit rates.

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I would like to get more information about your data services listed on the site. What does the presort and bar coding do? Can you send me detailed information on the data services you have listed?

Presorting and Barcoding is required by the post office to receive the best postal discounts on direct mail. Presorting is when we are sorting your mail by zipcode. Doing this the post office will give a discount on direct mail. Barcoding is adding an IMB barcode to the mail so post office can send your mail through their automated equipment and the post office will give another discount. So when you presort and barcode your mail you will receive the best postal discounts.


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