Envelope Inserting

Take the hassle out of stuffing and sealing envelopes.  Let the machine do the work!

Envelope Inserting

Envelopes and letters are the most traditional form of direct mail

Stuffing and sealing a few envelopes by hand is little more than an annoyance.  But try doing that for the hundreds or thousands of envelopes that your job requires, and you’ll quickly realize that you need an automated process.  At Excel, our machines regularly insert and seal thousands of envelopes efficiently and hassle-free.

It’s not complicated!  There’s two simple steps our inserter completes to get your envelopes mail-ready.    

  • Inserts up to 6 pieces, such as letters, brochures, reply cards, and return envelopes, into an outside envelope

  • Automatically seals and applies pressure to the envelope to ensure it stays closed

Because it’s a straightforward process, it means that it’s absolutely affordable.  Save your time and money by choosing automation over manual labor.  

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