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Our design, printing and mailing services are perfect for newsletters and brochures. Allow us to help you stand out from the crowd.

Why Send Newsletters and Brochures?

Direct mail is back – which means newsletters and brochures are in! A well-thought out, professionally printed newsletter or brochure can insight passion and interest in your readers and customers, about your product or services.  With personal stories, insight, educational information and more, newsletters can bring your business to life.

Direct mail items like newsletters and brochures have more physical and metaphorical weight to them in our digital age – your potential customers are bound to remember a physical, tangible newsletter over the abundance of e-newsletters the majority of them receive every day.

Sending a high quality physical newsletter over the electronic alternative, can also build trust between you and your readers.

To many, high quality direct mail, such as a company brochure, is the sign of a credible, reputable company that is willing to invest time and effort in attracting customers or maintaining an existing connection.

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Our Brochure and Newsletter Printing and Mailing Services

We are a one-stop-shop for all your brochure and newsletter needs! With full lettershop services, we can take on your newsletter or brochure printing and mailing project from start to finish.

  • Choose our talented graphics team for newsletter design ideas, newsletter templates or newsletter examples
  • Choose our team for high quality brochure examples, brochure design ideas and brochure templates
  • Choose full-color or black and white printing on high quality materials.
  • Choose high-gloss UV coating for a shiny finish
  • Choose in-house mailing services
  • Trust our team for accurate mailing lists
  • Or choose Every Door Direct Mail


From newsletter and brochure ideas to the moment your newsletters are mailed, we are the trusted newsletter and brochure printing team you’re looking for.

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Why Print and Mail Newsletters with Excel?

With over 50 years’ experience in all realms of direct mail printing and mailing, we are confident we can provide the efficient newsletters design, printing and mailing services you need, saving you time and money. Allow us to take on your newsletter project and produce a newsletter that you’re proud to share with the community. Our high-tech UV coater means we can even create high-gloss, UV coated newsletters for an extra-special shiny finish.
  • Newsletter design / brochure design
  • Newsletter printing / brochure printing
  • High-gloss UV coated newsletters and brochures
  • Newsletter mailing lists / brochure mailing lists
  • Newsletter mailing / brochure mailing services
  • Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) for your newsletters or brochures
We’re also happy to help with newsletter and brochure ideas, brochure and newsletter design ideas, newsletter and brochure examples, brochure and newsletter templates and more! Excel Printing and Mailing is the brochure and newsletter printing and mailing services team you can trust. 

Call us today for the efficiency and peace of mind that comes from working with the industry expert.

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