Custom Envelopes & Letters

Help your business stand out with custom-designed, professionally printed direct mail letters and envelopes. At Excel Printing and Mailing, we will print, address, insert, and mail your custom envelopes and letters.


Our Letter Printing and Mailing Services

Sending direct mail letters and envelopes is one of the oldest forms of mass communication. Even in today’s online world, letter mailing is much more effective than email, which cannot compete with the personal touch of a custom printed letter and envelope. As direct mail letters become less common, those that are sent receive more attention.

While sending custom letters and envelopes is very worthwhile, it can be time-consuming for any business owner. At Excel Printing and Mailing, we take care of all your direct mail and letter mailing needs. Excel will print the letters, address the envelopes, insert the letters into the envelopes, and mail them for you, making the entire letter mailing process simple, even for larger mass mailings.

With Excel Printing and Mailing, sending custom letters and personalized envelopes is a seamless process. Our direct mail letter and envelope services include design, letter printing and letter envelope mass mailing, enabling significant return on a relatively small investment.

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Reach Your Audience with Custom Letters and Personalized Envelopes

The letter printing and mailing services provided by Excel enable you to address your target audience in a truly personal way, via direct mail letters and envelopes. With professional custom letters and personalized envelopes printed and mailed by Excel, your business can gain credibility and new customers. A well-designed mail merge letter can help your business stand out, in an age of emails that can so easily be deleted and ignored. A personal, direct mail letter can be delivered in a custom envelope, held in your hand, kept as a reminder, and has a personal touch that email cannot replicate.

Letters and envelopes are the most traditional form of direct mail. Personalized envelopes containing custom letters are ideal for valued customers to share a detailed, formal message. Powerful appeal letters can also work wonders for charitable campaigns. A high quality letter and envelope campaign suggests sincerity from a reputable brand or non-profit organization. Our letter printing and mailing services are perfect for:

  • Direct mail letters and envelopes for targeted clientele.
  • Direct mail letters and envelopes used as part of a longer, complex sales process.
  • Non-profit and charitable appeal letters.
  • Local and regional mass mailings.
  • Anyone looking to print and mail letters online.


Our Custom Letter and Envelope Services

Excel Printing and Mailing is here to help with every aspect of your letter mailing campaigns.

  • We can help you design your custom letters and envelopes.
  • We will print your letters and envelopes for you.
  • We offer variable data printing services, to mail merge and personalize your direct mail letter campaigns.
  • We'll insert your personalized letters into your custom envelopes.
  • We can provide mailing lists.
  • We will complete your mass mailing by sending your direct mail letter campaign directly to your mailing lists.

Save time and money by asking Excel Printing and Mailing to handle your direct mail letter campaigns.




We offer a range of options to make your letters and envelopes perfect for your campaign.



Custom Letters:

Design custom appeal letters and complete successful letter mailing campaigns of all kinds with perfect printing.

  • Choose from single or double sided letters printed in full color, or black and white.
  • Each letter and envelope can be mail merged and personalized
  • Explore a wide selection of sizes and colors.
  • Ask about additional letter printing services.


Custom Printed Envelopes:

With Excel Printing and Mailing, your letter envelopes can be personalized and customized like the letters inside. Choose from the following options to perfect your custom mailing envelopes:

  • Choose between window and non-window custom business envelopes.
  • We offer reply cards and reply envelopes with many sizes to choose from.
  • Choose full color custom printed envelopes for additional impact.
  • Choose custom envelopes with logos for appeal letters, or business envelopes with logos.
  • Request additional options for your personalized mailing envelope or inserts.

Whether you’re in need of perfectly printed appeal letters, custom letter envelopes or a letter mailing campaign that spans across the country, Excel Printing and Mailing is here to help with services to print and mail letters. Contact us today and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from working with a letter and envelope industry expert. Your Excel representative will work with you to create a direct mail letter campaign that will drive results!

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Custom Letters and Envelopes Questions

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between First-Class Mail and Standard Mail?

First-Class Mail is typically delivered in 3 business days, while Standard Mail can take up to 12 business days. If the letter contains any account-specific, financial, or personal information, it must be mailed using First-Class.

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What size letters and envelopes do you print?

Most of our customers choose an 8.5”x11” or 8.5”x14” letter and a #10 window or regular envelope. We do offer custom sizes if you have something else in mind.

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Can I print my logo and return address on the envelope?

Yes, you can have both printed in either full color or black and white.

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Other than the return address, can I put anything else on the outside of the envelope?

Yes, as long as you leave a 2” tall x 4” wide space in the center of the envelope for the address block.

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Can both the letter and envelope be personalized with name and address?

Yes, using our Match Mail process, we make sure that the variable information on both the letters and envelopes match up when we are inserting them. 

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Can I have a live stamp placed on the envelope and still mail at standard mail postage rates?

Yes, we can place a live stamp on the envelope and still mail at discounted postage rates. 

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If you print my letters and envelopes, will you also insert the letter and address the envelope?

Yes, it is a great idea to have the company that is printing your letters and envelopes also insert and mail them. This way everything moves smoothly through the production process and you save on shipping.

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How do I know when my letters will arrive in mailboxes?

Included in all of our letter mail products is Mail Tracker. Mail Tracker uses the United States Post Office Intelligent Mail barcode to track mail throughout the postal system.

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Do I need a direct mail permit at the Post Office?

No, when we are mailing your letters, you can use our permit. We will print our permit information on your envelope so it goes through the postal system without issue.

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