Double Sided Banners

Show off your business's message using our double sided banners. Double sided banners are the perfect way of getting your business, event, or special message noticed. Contact the experts at Excel Printing and Mailing to design your double sided banner so you can effectively spread your message. 

Double Sided Custom Vinyl Banners

Custom Vinyl Banners are a great way to getting your message across in an eye-catching way and guarantee that it can be seen from every angle. Our double sided custom vinyl banners are perfect for hanging both indoors and outdoors. Create your own design or let our design professionals help you design both sides of your custom vinyl banner. 

All our custom double sided vinyl banners include grommets, welded hems, and advice from our team of professionals on the best way to hang or display your double sided banner.

Custom Double Sided Vinyl Banner Specifications


Outdoor Banner Frame



Custom Banner Printing

Full Color 2 Sided


13 oz. Smooth Vinyl Banner

18 oz. Heavyweight Blockout Vinyl



Maximum Width


Maximum Height




Brass Grommets


4 Corners

Every 12” to 24”

Custom Grommet Placement








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Double Sided Vinyl Banners Questions

Questions & Answers

How big can the banner be?

Our double sided vinyl banners are available at a maximum height of 4.5' but can be as wide as 150'. The most common sizes are 3'x6' , 4'x8' , and 4'x12'.

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How durable will the banner be? Can I use it outside?

Our banners are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are durable enough to communicate your message regardless of where you put them. While all our banner materials are high quality and long lasting, a heavier vinyl weight is likely to lengthen the life of your banner. 

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Should I use a single or double sided banner?

If the banner is going to be displayed on a non-transparent surface, a single-sided banner is best. If the banner can be displayed using poles, trees, or other means, so that it can be easily viewed from both sides, a double sided banner is ideal. Our double sided banners are printed on 13 oz blockout vinyl. That means light or images from the other side will not show through the banner.

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