Variable Data Printing & Mailing

Print efficiently, personalize your direct mail and increase response rate by up to 20% with variable data printing. 

What is Variable Data Printing 

Variable data printing, also known as variable information printing, enables you to treat your customers as individuals.  Many of our customers are familiar with the term ‘mail merge’. Variable data printing is similar to this process, but takes it one step further, by personalizing the actual content of your mail in terms of greeting, images, text and more, rather than just names on letters or envelopes.

Why Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing takes into account that a marketing message should always be tailored to its audience. For example, content geared for an audience of people aged 18-24 should vary substantially from one targeted toward Baby Boomers. To maximize response rates, you can use Variable Data Printing to send these two demographic groups a different message. Thanks to advances in digital printing technology, every facet of the printed mail piece can now be personalized to its reader.

Ideal for the business with multiple exacting demographics, variable data printing generates a high return on investment (ROI). In fact, direct marketing research shows that variable data marketing can significantly improve the response rate of a direct mail campaign.

Maximum Response - Variable Data Printing

At Excel Printing and Mailing, our variable data digital printing programs are designed to maximize your response rate for a generous return on investment (ROI). Use Excel's variable data printing techniques to customize the following features of your direct mail:

  • Salutation
  • Direct mail message
  • Variation of direct marketing themes
  • Colors, graphics, images
  • And more.

Excel Printing and Mailing offers the following variable data and 1-to-1 marketing data services:

  • Variable Data Design
  • Variable Data Coding
  • Variable Data Digital Printing
  • Variable Text
  • Variable Images
  • Variable Charts

Variable data printing works because it enables businesses to precisely pinpoint and tailor all aspects of the direct mailer to its customer. One-to-one marketing is now possible.

Contact Excel Printing and Mailing today to discuss your variable data printing needs and request a quote.