Wind Resistant Sidewalk Signs

Design to resist up to 50 mph head-in winds. 2 full color printed graphics mounted on Coroplast are included and slid into the base.

Printed Graphic Qty 2 Full Color Graphics Included
Graphic Width 22 "
Graphic Height 48 "
Base 2 Built-In Wheels
Coil Springs
Holds 115lbs of Sand Ballast
Plastic Base
Color Gray
Height 44 "
Media Thickness-Maximum 3/16 "
Mounting Quick Change Frame
Overall Width 28 "
Overall Height 61 "
Weight 16 lb

These signs are designed to resist a head-in winds up to 50 mph. Wind resistant signs are an attractive way to promote your business and specials. These wind resistant signs also work great for crowd control and directional signs. 2 sings (1 for each side) are printed on Coroplast and slid into the sturdy sign base. Keep your message updated by reusing the base and slide in new printed signs.

Comes complete with 2 full color signs printed Coroplast, and Wind Sign Deluxe with Quick-Change Frame
- Printed signs can easily slide in and out
- Hold two signs
- No tape or screws needed
- Add even more stability by adding sand or water inside the base

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