When the demands are high and the deadlines are tight, we deliver peace of mind and will do whatever it takes to deliver your job right - and on time. No excuses.

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  • The Need to Advertise

    The anecdote behind William Wrigley Jr.'s empire, and why it applies to your business.

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  • Contacting Us

    We were surprised to find that other printers wouldn’t communicate and give estimates via email. We make sure every communication channel is available to our customers, so they can contact us and receive quotes in whatever way is convenient for them.

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  • Postcard Mailing to Anywhere in the U.S.

    Considering expanding your reach across state lines? Excel Printing & Mailing mails to all 50 states, with experience to prove it.

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  • Graphic-Design

    EDDM Design

    Every great EDDM® design includes 5 elements. Discover what they are, why they're important, and how to get your design started.

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  • couple creating direct mail postcard

    Direct Mail Postcard Stats and Facts

    Not sure if direct mail marketing postcards are right for you and your business? Here's our list of relevant, verified facts to aid in your decision making.

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  • EDDM-Carrier-Route-Map

    Choosing Your Postal Carrier Routes

    Deciding who receives your EDDM® postcards is an important step - one that has a direct effect on your campaign's success. Take two minutes to learn about carrier routes and how to pick the ones that are right for your job.

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  • Standard Postcard Sizes

    Our commonly-printed addressed postcard sizes, USPS® requirements, and important items to consider when choosing a postcard size.

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  • How-EDDM-Works

    EDDM Production Process

    Our EDDM® production process starts with a conversation and ends with a mailbox. Find out everything we do in-between to make sure your EDDM® postcards are printed and mailed successfully.

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  • Direct-Mail-Political

    Six key factors to help your political campaign

    A political campaign is like a business in that it is striving to win over as much of its voter “market” as it can with limited resources.

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  • EDDM-Size-Chart

    Choosing the Right Size EDDM Postcard

    Every Door Direct Mail® postcards typically come in three different sizes: 6.25" x 9", 6" x 11", and 8.5" x 11". All three sizes mail at the same EDDM® postage rates, so you might consider getting more out of your postage with a larger sized postcard.

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Results: 56 Articles found.