Direct Mail Postcard Stats and Facts

Not sure if direct mail marketing postcards are right for you and your business? Here's our list of relevant, verified facts to aid in your decision making.

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Direct Mail Postcard Stats and Facts

There seems to be an unending supply of research available on direct mail postcards. We cut through the clutter to give you the most relevant statistics and insights.

Postcard Response Rates

Postcards and Marketing to Millennials 

  • According to the USPS, 84% of millennials take time to look through their mail.
  • 64% would rather scan for useful info in the mail rather than email
  • 90% think direct mail advertising is reliable
  • 57% have made purchases based on direct mail offers
  • 87% like receiving direct mail

Postcards for Small Businesses 

From a recent small business owner and consumer survey:

Hard to Ignore Postcards

  • According to the USPS, 86% of heads of households pick up mail at first opportunity, and 79% sort mail at first opportunity.
  • A Canada Post neuromarketing research project measured participants' recall was 70% higher if they were exposed to direct mail rather than a digital ad
  • 73% of heads of households agreed that "If someone I don't know wants to do business with me, I'd advise them to use mail, because I block spam, and also phone calls from businesses I don't know."


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