How Effective is Direct Mail Advertising?

Many business owners ask us about the effectiveness of direct mail advertising. Read on to find out why direct mail stands the test of time.


How Effective is Direct Mail Advertising?

Why Direct Mail Stands the Test of Time

Aaron Mongtomery-Ward was the first person to join mail and marketing together; he did so in 1872, when he created the first mail-order business. Others followed and, after a bit of uncertainty with the dawn of email, direct mail has managed to stand the test of time. More than 150 years on, it seems to be rising in popularity again.

Here, we explore direct mail effectiveness, postcard advertising effectiveness, and why the effectiveness of direct mail marketing may be of interest to your business!

Direct Mail Effectiveness

So just how effective is direct mail advertising? As businesses of all sizes are discovering, direct mail is very effective. Potential clients seem to trust direct mail, and as a result, this type of marketing campaign sent to house lists averages a 9% response rate, according to a study conducted by the Data and Marketing Association. Compare those figures to the next closest, paid search, email, and social media marketing at less than 1%, and you can see why direct mail is fast becoming, once again, the most popular option for reaching out to a target market. 

Postcard Advertising Effectiveness

People say what comes around goes around, and direct mail is definitely having a resurgence. This is thanks in part to email fatigue. People can easily ignore and delete emails without looking at the content; in 2020 only 21.3% of recipients opened their emails. The great thing about sending a postcard or flyer with Excel Printing and Mailing is that they are automatically viewed when picking up the mail! You have already achieved more than most email campaigns. 

Postcards also capture the attention of the viewer when designed well. We offer exceptional graphic design work to really get your message across and enhance your postcard advertising effectiveness. Put that together with the fact that, according to the United States Postal Service, 77% of Americans immediately sort through their mail and spend around 30 minutes reading it, and you’re onto a winner. Postcards, flyers, and newsletters have never looked more appealing when it comes to the effectiveness of direct mail marketing.  


We Love Mail

It’s a fact that the people of the US just love receiving mail! According to the United States Postal Service, 67% of the general public feel that mail delivered to their house is more personal than internet marketing or just another email chain. They form more of a connection with the brochure or letter that is posted through their door. So much so in fact, that 56% of people say that receiving mail is a “real pleasure”. No wonder direct mail effectiveness is on the rise!


Direct Marketing Effectiveness

It’s safe to say that direct mail is where you should be focusing a lot of effort and time when advertising for your brand. It’s not the case that you should give up on digital marketing altogether though. The effectiveness of direct mail marketing can be further emphasized with online strategies. Combine the two and your company will be a powerhouse! Make the most of QR codes and connect data files to IP addresses for targeted advertisement. 

Unlock the Effectiveness of Direct Mail Advertising with Excel Printing and Mailing

We are a trusted and preferred printing and mailing company across Illinois and Indiana. We have over 50 years of experience in creating fantastic, stand-out advertisements for clients which get results. We provide direct mail with the fastest delivery schedules in the mailing industry and offer daily updated mailing lists ready to send out your marketing materials. We design, print, and mail postcards, flyers, posters, letters, brochures, newsletters, and more. Contact us today for a quote to start seeing your business in every home and see for yourself the effectiveness of direct mail marketing!


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