Mail Tracker: Tracking Your Direct Mail Campaign

When you print and mail postcards, letter sized mail and other direct mail campaigns with Excel Printing and Mailing, you can take out the guess-work and track your addressed mail using Mail Tracker.


Mail Tracker: Tracking Your Direct Mail Campaign

Excel Printing and Mailing is excited to offer Mail Tracker, a new service that uses the United States Postal Service Intelligent Mail® Barcode to track mail throughout the postal system. This new service is included with every direct mail job, including addressed postcard mailings and letter mailings, when you print and mail with Excel Printing and Mailing.

What is Mail Tracker?

Mail Tracker brings greater visibility to your direct mail campaign by enabling you to see when your direct mail postcards or letters are going to be delivered. With this knowledge, you can better plan for an influx of phone calls and website traffic. Mail Tracker is simple to use. After we deliver your job to the post office, you will receive a link to track every addressed postcard or letter in your mailing. You can also view Mail Tracker reports and set up alerts. Imagine taking out the guessing game of when your postcards and letters are going to be received, through this kind of visibility.

Mail Tracker can also help you become a better direct mail marketer. For example, it is possible to create reports from past jobs to gain better insight on how long it takes First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail to move through the postal system, and plan accordingly.

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