Standard Postcard Sizes

Our commonly-printed addressed postcard sizes, USPSĀ® requirements, and important items to consider when choosing a postcard size.


Standard Postcard Sizes

When starting a postcard campaign, there are a few decisions to make early on. One is deciding what size postcard you would like to print and mail out to your recipients. 

US Postcard Sizes

Custom sizes are welcome, however, there are a handful of standard US postcard sizes that are most popular with our customers. Listed below are the standard sizes of postcards we most commonly print for small and large businesses like yours:

However, these are far from the only options you have when designing your postcard. The last thing we want to do at Excel Printing and Mailing is limit your creativity, so we offer numerous options for US postcard sizes. We encourage you to have us print whatever size postcard you believe best represents your message.

Four Standard Size of Postcard Requirements

To quality for letter size postage rates, there are four requirements from the United States Postal Service that you must follow when sizing your postcard. To have a qualifying US postcard size, your postcard must be:  

  • Rectangular
  • At least 3.5" tall x 5" long
  • No more than 6.125" tall and 11.5 long 
  • Between 0.007" and 0.25" thick (all our paper stock falls within this range)

So, if you have a design in mind that goes above and beyond the standard sizes of postcards, our services can bring your vision to life as long as you follow the guidelines above. If you want a postcard that is 5.637" x 7.149", you can bet we'll print that for you, and commend your uniqueness. Even if you want to mail out a 10" x 12" piece, that is also possible - it might just cost more for postage.

Many of our long-time clients like to regularly alternate postcard sizes to keep their image fresh. We think this is a brilliant idea, just remember to keep your branding consistent across US postcard sizes.

For Postcard Size, Bigger is Better!

There is one final thing to keep in mind when choosing your postcard size. A larger size, like 6" x 9" or 6" x 11" will likely attract more attention. However, there are cost savings when choosing a smaller size. When you request a quote, feel free to ask us for two different US postcard size options so you can see the price difference.

View our postcard templates for each of our popular sizes.

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