Every Door Direct Mail for Non-Profits

Every Door Direct Mail® is a proven and cost-effective way for non-profits to raise awareness, request donations, promote events, and much more.


Every Door Direct Mail for Non-Profits

Every non-profit in the world is trying to spread their message. Whether it’s raising awareness, asking for donations, or getting the word out about the next big event, reaching new audiences as a non-profit is important.

The issue that non-profits often encounter is how to cut through the ever-increasing clutter of competing messages vying for the average person’s attention? In a world where there are so many ways to do marketing, it can seem harder than ever to find something that works.

The EDDM® Solution

This is where Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) comes in. EDDM® has grown popular over the last few years due to its cost effectiveness, ease, and ability to get messages directly into the hands of target audiences. An email can be deleted with opening it, but mail always meets the eyes and hands of the person who receives it. In fact, according to a recent study, nearly half of all Americans look forward to daily checking their mail.

Every Door Direct Mail® for non-profits is simple. All that’s needed are the carrier routes the organization wants to send to. There’s no mailing list involved as the mail is delivered to every address within a carrier route, and EDDM® is cheaper than traditional mailing because the post office does less work. Less work for you and less work for the post office means more money left in your budget!

Non-Profit Benefits

So why should your non-profit use EDDM®?

First of all, if your organization is looking to spread its message over a particular area, EDDM® is perfect for you. Maybe you just moved to a new location and want people in the neighborhood to know, or maybe you’ve been there for years but want to share the latest news about your organization. Every Door Direct Mail® can meet these needs well.

Second, EDDM® is great for spreading the word about events and donation opportunities. Sure, you have a standard list of regular attenders and contributors, but in order for your organization to grow, you need your support network to grow too! Annual benefits, holiday fundraisers, donation drives, charity 5K’s, or auctions are great ways to grow your network—and EDDM® is a great way to get the word out.

Third, you’re dedicated to a cause, not making money. As such, you need effective marketing strategies that won’t break the bank. The USPS offers a special permit to non-profits which allows them to send mail at a discounted rate from businesses. A simple application process is all it takes. This special discount combined with already low prices of Every Door Direct Mail® makes it one of the most wallet-friendly ways to effectively reach a mass audience.

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At Excel Printing and Mailing, we can help you select your routes, print your postcards, brochures, or newsletters, and get your mail on the streets as quickly and easily as possible. Contact us for a free quote and to get started on your EDDM mailing. 

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