Dental Postcards

With multiple options for hitting their target markets, direct mail dental postcards are one of the best ways dental offices can spread the word about their business and draw in new patients.


Dental Postcards

The dental industry is highly competitive. Just about everyone has a standby dentist office they visit on occasion, and although no one is usually thrilled by a dental appointment, everyone knows how important it is to have a good dentist.

In the same way, dental offices understand how important it is to have a good marketing plan to bring in new patients, that involves the use of dental direct mail and dental postcards. Given the universal acknowledgement that having a trusted dentist is important, dentists need to take steps to make sure their office’s name is out in the community.

Dental Direct Mail

The ideal patient for a dental office is one that lives right down the street. When it comes to reaching a local market, there’s no better option than dental direct mail. Dental direct mail including dental postcards puts your name in the hands of your local market in the way a digital message simply can’t. Emails and online ads can be deleted or scrolled past in a second, but your dental postcard will make it into the hands of thousands of people.

Consider someone who has recently moved into your neighborhood. Finding a new dentist’s office is not likely to be a high priority for them while they’re moving in. But it likely will be a priority in the first year or two, and as someone who doesn’t know the area, that person’s decision will be greatly influenced by the marketing they receive. The first dental postcard that’s delivered to their mailbox may be the one they keep for later reference.

As a dental office, do you want to leave it up to chance that a new patient will see your store as they’re driving by or happen to click on your office name online in a list of hundreds? Instead, wouldn’t mailing dental postcards directly to a group of thousands of potential patients greatly increase the chance that one or more of them will walk through your door? With dental direct mail, you can do exactly that.

Best Dental Postcards

One bonus of choosing dental direct mail is the many options available to help you reach your audience. Some of the best dental postcard options are explained below:

SMILE_OPTIONSEvery Door Direct Mail Dental Postcards - EDDM is one of the best dental postcard ideas. Exactly as its name suggests, EDDM delivers a mail piece to every door on a postal carrier route. All you need to do is pick your routes and your dental postcards will be delivered to every address on that route. This strategy allows you to “blanket” an area with your message and is usually the cheapest and easiest way to send as many dental direct mail postcards to as many people as possible.

Addressed Mail Dental Postcards - Unlike EDDM, addressed mail requires a mailing list, which your office can provide, or you can purchase from us. If you’d like to mail to old patients that you haven’t seen in years, maybe a simple “We’d love to hear from you” dental postcard would do the trick. Or maybe you’ve found an age or income trend amongst your patients and want to mail to that specific demographic—we can find you the right mailing list that works for your dental direct mail campaign.

New Mover Dental Direct Mail - A popular option among dental offices looking to attract new patients is new mover dental postcards. Using our accurate and up-to-date new mover mailing lists, dentists can make sure their name is the first one that new movers see as they settle into the area. We can even customize your dental postcards with variable data—for example, you could send a 6”x9” dental postcard that says, “Hey Jasmine, we hope you’re all moved in at 123 Main Street. Have you thought about who your new dentist will be?” Targeting new movers using a variable data dental postcard greatly increases your chances of bringing in new patients.

Appointment Reminder Postcards - Appointment reminder postcards are a great way to keep in touch with existing clients and provide exceptional customer service. Even when appointments are already booked, a helpful appointment reminder postcard is often appreciated. Appointment reminder postcards can also be used to send to clients you haven't seen in a while, that might need a reminder to get round to booking a dental appointment. Choose appointment reminder postcards to maintain client relationships and get back in touch with valued clients. 

Versatility of Dental Direct Mail

There are so many different types of dental direct mail products to choose from. In other words, there are many great options for marketing your dental office when it comes to dental direct mail! You can mail a dental postcard, a brochure, a letter in an envelope, a flyer, and much more—all in a variety of sizes. When you use dental direct mail, your marketing will never be stale—and you’ll be able to draw in new patients from your local community and continue to grow your business. Click the button below to get in contact with a direct mail expert today.

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