Choose the Right Mailing List and Boost Response Rates

Boost your postcard mailing response rates by choosing the right mailing list for your campaign.


Choose the Right Mailing List and Boost Response Rates

Choosing the right mailing list for your postcard mailing is critical to the success of your campaign. One advantage of addressing a postcard is that your postcard mailing can be targeted to specific households or businesses. If you do not have your own mailing list for your postcard mailing, you can rent a mailing list.  There are 4 basic types of mailing lists that can help with your postcard mailer and boost response rates and ROI.

Resident Occupant Mailing List

The first type of mailing list is called a Resident/Occupant mailing list. This list can also be called a carrier route list or saturation list. Basically, this is a list of every business and residential address in the country. A lot like Every Door Direct Mail, you can choose to mail to carrier routes or entire zipcodes, and include businesses in your mailing. The Resident/Occupant mailing list can boost response rates because you can choose what type of dwelling units you want to mail to. This is not possible when using Every Door Direct Mail. So, if you are a heating and air conditioning company and want to do a postcard mailing, it would be best to use the Resident/Occupant mailing list, because you can exclude apartments and condos. The same would be true for lawn care and roofing and siding companies that would like to do a postcard mailing. Other businesses choose to use this mailing list because they want every postcard in the mailing addressed and barcoded for tracking through the United States Postal Service.  When this list is used by a Mail Service Provider like Excel Printing and Mailing, your postage rates are actually cheaper than an Every Door Direct Mail campaign.

Targeted Consumer Mailing List

The second type of mailing list that you can use for your postcard mailing campaign is a Targeted Consumer mailing list. This list will boost your response rates on a postcard mailer because you can target specific households by their demographics.  That means you are only sending a postcard to the households that are most likely to use your products and services. On the consumer mailing list there are hundreds of demographics to choose from. Some examples of household demographics can be age, income, homeowner/renter, age of the home, how long they have been in the home, gender and many others.

New Mover / New Homeowner Mailing List

Next, let’s look at a New Mover / New Homeowner mailing list. Some businesses like restaurants, retail, and landscaping like to do a postcard mailer to residents that have just moved in. A new mover list will boost your postcard’s response rate because these residents are new to the area and looking for new places to do business with. The New Mover list also works well for postcard mailings and letter mail for churches.

Business Mailing List

The last mailing list to mention is a Business mailing list. This list is used when you want to mail a postcard campaign to businesses. Boost your response rates by choosing the types of businesses you want to mail to and their demographics. Mike Paholke, a postcard marketing expert at Excel Printing and Mailing says, “When you are mailing a postcard into a business, you may want to consider sending a large 6x9 or 6x11 postcard, because businesses receive much more mail than households, and your postcard mailing will stand out better.”

Using the correct mailing list for your postcard mailer can boost your response rate and ROI. The mailing list experts at Excel Printing and Mailing can help you select the mailing list and demographics for your postcard mailing campaign that will help boost response rates without going over budget.





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