Direct Marketing for Remodeling Companies

Direct marketing offers tremendous potential to remodeling companies looking for new customers in their local area. Here we explore how savvy remodeling teams can use direct mail to their advantage.


Direct Marketing for Remodeling Companies

Direct marketing offers tremendous potential to remodeling companies looking to grow their business and find new customers. 

Why? Because remodeling companies serve customers in their local area, and direct mail is the best way to reach homeowners near you. 

Today, we explore how savvy remodeling teams can use postcards and other affordable direct mailings to get in front of high-value customers.

How to Advertise Your Remodeling Business with Direct Mail

Direct mail is any form of physical mailing that is sent out and arrives in your mailbox. It doesn’t include things like email newsletters or social media posts – it refers to real remodeling postcards, letters, and fliers you can hold in your hands. Here’s our guide to making the most of direct marketing for remodeling companies.

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Remodeling Company

No matter how small, every business should have a marketing plan to support the sales process. It’s essential that direct mail is included in marketing plans for remodeling companies, to target local customers. 

Build out a calendar that marks key dates and seasons for your business, and think about how you can market around these events and occurrences. Plan ahead to make the most of your busiest season, and have marketing plans in place to boost sales during periods that are typically quieter.

Test Multiple Direct Mail Campaigns

Think about which of the following best fits your business goals, and plan out how often you’d like to send your campaigns. Here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Seasonal postcard mailings: Every other month or every season, remind your customers that you’re there to support any remodeling plans they have in mind. Use seasonal imagery to help your recipients get excited about remodeling projects.
  • Sent postcards on various services: Choose a bathroom remodeling postcard mailer one month, and a kitchen remodeling flyer the next.
  • New mover mailings: When new residents move into your target neighborhoods, you’ll want to be the first to get in front of them. This is particularly important for the remodeling industry, as new homeowners are often planning to make updates to their property. High-value business relationships are often forged during the first few months of homeownership and last for years. Also, consider a monthly plan to target new movers
  • Flyers about your services: Flyers are quick and easy marketing pieces to remind customers of your presence in the neighborhood. 
  • EDDM® postcards: Target potential customers nearby with Every Door Direct Mail®. 

If you’re new to direct mail, try them all, and see which performs best for you. Our trusted team can also help you decide based on past successes; call us today at 1-877-765-6245.

Design Your Remodeling Postcards

A good design can make all the difference to the success of your campaign, particularly for a creative business such as yours; it’s essential that you showcase proficiency in design.

There are two options to design your remodeling postcard, flyer, or mailer – you can send us the design you wish to use, or our in-house designers can work with you to create a new design you love.

Purchase a Mailing List or Use EDDM®

Wondering who you’ll send your campaign to? We can help. You can get a free mailing list with your first postcard print and mail project with our team!

EDDM® is also a great option to target new customers without the need for a mailing list – your postcard will be sent to everyone along your chosen mailing route. 

Print & Mail Your Remodeling Postcards or Mailers

Finally, your direct mail piece will be printed. If you choose to send letters and envelopes, we offer envelope inserting services. If not, printing, mailing, and/or EDDM® services will complete the process. 

Get Started with Remodeling Postcards

As a full-service printing and mailing business, we make direct marketing for remodeling companies easy. We’re a local team like you, based in South Holland, Illinois, and we serve customers across the United States! We’d love to hear from you and help you meet new customers in your local area. Please request a quote or call us on 1-877-765-6245 today.


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