EDDM Design

Every great EDDM® design includes 5 elements. Discover what they are, why they're important, and how to get your design started.

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EDDM Design

Creating a design for your EDDM® postcard can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time. We'll set you on the right track by describing the main elements of a successful Every Door Direct Mail® postcard design, and show you three design options we make available to you.

EDDM® Design Elements

1. Have a Strong Headline. This should concisely state your main idea or value proposition in a few words. Most of the time this is toward the top of your postcard and in a large font size to grab attention.

2. Keep your Branding Consistent. Use a color scheme that matches your company's brand identity and make sure your logo is located somewhere on the postcard. Even if your postcard does not lead the recipient to directly contact you or make a purchase, it serves to raise awareness and brand recognition. That way you're not starting over each time the customer sees or hears your company's message; you've already got brand recognition built up.

3. Make the postcard visually appealing. Pictures of yourself, your business, or your product go a long way in helping the recipient understand who you are and what you're offering.

4. Don't forget your contact information! When focusing on creating a brilliant message and aesthetically pleasing visuals, it can be easy to forget the basics. Always remember to list the best way for the recipient to contact you or where to go to learn more about your offer. Use any combination of phone number, website, email address, or mailing address. 

5. Most importantly, communicate your offer. In the few seconds that recipients will spend looking at your postcard, they will be asking "what's in it for me?". Be sure to give them that answer loud and clear. Will you give them 20% off their first purchase? Are you inviting them to an exclusive event? Whatever you decide, make your offer appealing and incentivize your audience to act.

At Excel Printing and Mailing we offer 3 easy design options

  • Work with our in-house graphic designer to create a custom design that matches your branding. You will receive proofs after each draft and be able to suggest revisions each step of the way, until you say it's perfect.
  • Use our free online templates to create your own design.
  • Send us your own print-ready design file.


Over the years our Direct Mail experts have seen thousands of EDDM® postcardsContact us and we'll use our experience to help you put your best foot forward.

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