How to Export and Clean up Your Customer Lists for Direct Mail

Use your customer list to stay in contact with your customers via direct mail. Exporting and cleaning up your mailing list can be simple and efficient.


How to Export and Clean up Your Customer Lists for Direct Mail

Many businesses have been collecting the names and postal addresses of their customers for years, but don’t know what to do with the information. If you’re in this position, the good news is that you have already started your mailing list, and this is the first step towards a direct mail success. Many marketers have moved over to more digital marketing solutions like email, pay-per-click and remarketing, leaving the mailbox wide open. Here is how to clean up your customer list so you can direct mail a postcard to them.

It is not hard to get your customer list ready for a direct mail campaign when you break down the project into easy steps. First, export your list of customers, and then get the mailing list cleaned up. When you are using a Mail Service Provider like Excel Printing and Mailing our experts can help every step of the way.

Exporting Your Customer List

Start your direct mail campaign by exporting your customer list from your system. This will give you a good idea of how many postcards you will need for your mailing. Hold off on ordering your postcards at this stage because many times the quantity will drop during the list cleanup phase. Many of our customers require assistance during this step because they do not know how to export their mailing list from their system. The data team at Excel Printing and Mailing can assist in exporting your customer lists, or your software provider can also help. The best file formats to export the mailing list are Microsoft Excel or CSV.  Don’t let this step stop you from communicating with your customers. Help is only a phone call away.

Cleaning Up Your Mailing List

This is probably the most intimidating step for a marketer. Careful clean-up of the marketing list is important to prevent unnecessary spending on mailing two postcards to the same person or sending a postcard to an incorrect or bad address. Most businesses do not have the software that can do this, and reviewing hundreds or even thousands of addresses by hand is too time-consuming and therefore not an option. When you use Excel Printing and Mailing to print and mail your postcards, letters and newsletters, cleaning up your mailing list is included in every mailing job. Cleaning up a mailing list is easy for us because we have the tools and team to do it. We start out by standardizing each address and removing undeliverable addresses. Next we check to see if anyone on your mailing list has moved. If they have moved, we will update their address if possible, but if not, we will remove them from the mailing. Finally, we check for duplicate records and remove them.

Get Started with Direct Mail

Now that you have a clean customer mailing list, it will be easy to use direct mail to communicate with your customers and send them postcards, letters or newsletters. These customers have done business with you before and will most likely do so again as long as they don’t forget about you. You invest a lot in attracting customers to your business, so keep them returning for life through direct mail.




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