How to Find New Employees with Now Hiring! Postcards & Recruitment Letters

How can employers connect with potential workers in an effective way? By using direct mail “Now Hiring” postcards or letters.


How to Find New Employees with Now Hiring! Postcards & Recruitment Letters

“Now Hiring”! We see that a lot these days. Recruiters and Human Resource professionals across the country are grappling with extraordinary labor shortages. Job seekers are inundated with new job openings popping into their inboxes daily. How can employers connect with potential workers in an effective and direct way? By using direct mail with “Now Hiring” postcards, Every Door Direct Mail®, or recruitment letters.

Who Uses Direct Mail for Hiring?

Even big businesses like Amazon use direct mail as a powerful tool for recruitment and hiring.

Government organizations (including the United States Postal Service), large retailers and local businesses are all using direct mail in their search for new employees, thanks to the power of targeted messaging.

Brokers use real estate agent recruiting postcards to attract new real estate agents, partners and co-owners for their firms.

Job fair hosting companies rely heavily on the use of direct mail to get the word out about new and upcoming job fairs to thousands of people in the area.

If you’re looking to hire, there’s no doubt that “now hiring” postcards and recruitment letters are a tool you should consider.

Why use “Now Hiring” Postcards or Letters?

If you’ve ever searched for a job on the internet you know how daunting and frustrating it can be. Recruiters who are looking for qualified applicants often feel the same. It’s a challenge on both sides. Recruiters and employers need to do everything they can to attract qualified new hires. The benefits of using direct mail for hiring include the following:

  • You can reach people directly in their homes.
  • HR professionals can keep competitors in the dark about the hiring process, salary offerings and benefits. If it’s not online it won’t be searchable by competitors.
  • Recruitment mail allows you to use laser-focused language to target your audience.
  • Online job searches are cluttered and competition is high.
  • It’s possible to send direct mail to 5,000, 10,000 people or more, seamlessly.
  • Direct mail is more cost-effective than other advertising initiatives.

Digital overload is real. Most people have more than one email account, and it seems we spend more time deleting emails that go unread than engaging with them.  This is one additional advantage to direct mail. According to marketing guru Neil Patel, email response rates are at 0.06%, while direct mail response reaches 5.3%.

Are Recruiting Postcards Right for My Audience?

Every day we pick up the mail. Many people continue to work from home, and the short walk to the mailbox offers respite and fresh air. Time spent thumbing through the mail should not be underestimated. Paper still has power. Studies have shown that people remember more, retain more information and spend more time with physical ads. Direct mail postcards are read by over 90% of recipients.  How often do we take a postcard and place it on the refrigerator for easy reach? We keep it because we want to take action.

If you’re considering using postcards for hiring, bear in mind the following:

  • Messaging is immediate; no opening of envelopes is required.
  • Recruiting postcards can feature highly targeted messaging to a specific audience.
  • You have the option to choose between standard postcards and Every Door Direct Mail® postcards as best suits your needs and budget.

Using Recruitment Letters

Recruitment letters offer a personal touch, and are a great choice for reaching out to high-value prospective employees. A high quality letter and envelope mailing can make your potential candidate feel valued and reflect generously on your brand image.

Recruitment letters can be personalized, and our team can even help stuff envelopes to ensure the mailing process is efficient and cost effective.

Tips for Designing Recruitment Mail

When a reader picks up your mailing you need to capture their attention within 3.5 seconds. A strong design and targeted marketing campaign is what you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Choose your method

Excel Printing and Mailing offers you choices when it comes to direct mailing. Direct mail postcards, enveloped letters and Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) campaigns are all excellent recruitment mail options. We can help you pick the right campaign for your budget and needs.

Start the design phase

Your mailing is representative of your brand. Use your designated brand colors if you have them, and if not consider bright but complementary hues. If you’re using postcards, keep in mind you’ll have the front and back of the postcard to make the most of. Be sure both sides support each other visually.

Write a strong headline

Catch the reader’s attention with a bold and effective headline. Be sure to use a readable font; now is not the time to revive Gothic blackletter. It’s also good practice to use two different fonts, one for headings and one for text. More than three and things start to look messy, which you’ll want to avoid on a “now hiring” postcard or letter. Keeping things simple is easier said than done sometimes. If you need assistance in coming up with headlines or the best fonts to use we’re here to help.

Add graphics and images

Do use photos and quality graphics in your “now hiring” postcards. Use appropriate-to-the message images that are in no way confusing to your brand, messaging or in any way offensive. Keep to your company’s style and brand guide at all times. Use minimal imagery if you choose to send a recruitment letter, to maintain a professional style.

Include a call to action

Your recruitment mail should include a call-to-action, which is a statement that tells the reader what to do next. This could be to “call today” or “apply now”. Make the CTA pop from the page. Depending on your brand, consider arrows, bursts or other images that will call attention to the action you want your prospect to take.

  • Give an incentive. Think free bus passes, a sign-on bonus, remote work options or flexible hours.
  • Consider adding a QR code to register or apply now.  

Start Your Recruitment Mailing Today!

These are just a few tips for designing the best and most effective recruiting postcards and letters. Request a quote today and allow Excel Printing and Mailing to help you reach your hiring goals. We can assist with any stage of your recruitment mail campaign. Our services include graphic design, offset printing, digital printing, mailing and more.  Contact us today.


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