The Need to Advertise

The anecdote behind William Wrigley Jr.'s empire, and why it applies to your business.


The Need to Advertise

Years ago, William Wrigley Jr. was traveling by train to California with a young accountant from his firm.  While reviewing the figures for a quarterly statement, the young accountant said, “Sir, Wrigley’s gum is known and sold all over the world.  We have a larger share of the market than all our competitors combined.  Why don’t you save the millions of dollars you are spending on advertising and shift those dollars into the profit column for the next quarter?”

Wrigley thought for a moment and then asked, “Young man, how fast is this train going?”

“About sixty miles an hour” replied the young accountant.

Wrigley’s next question was, “Then why doesn’t the railroad remove the engine and let the train travel on its own momentum?”


Advertising is the engine that keeps your train moving.  This is more than just a story; it is the reality of business.  Without continually staying in front of your target audience, your sales run out of steam.  

But advertising, just like a train’s engine, is complicated.  Who do you target, how do you reach them, what’s an effective call to action?  It’s important to develop a thorough plan based on your goals or you’ll spend money on a mediocre campaign.

And that is the reason we’re in business.  Because we listen to our customer’s ideas, learn about their business, and use our experience to suggest a plan of action.  Because true, lasting success comes to those who tell their own story in their own way.  

So look through our products, and think to yourself, “what’s my plan for my business – what’s my plan to keep the engine running?”


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