Lettershop Services

Perfect for all kinds of direct mail campaigns, our lettershop services enable us to print, assemble, address, personalize and mail your campaigns under one roof. 


What is a Lettershop?

Excel Printing and Mailing is proud to offer lettershop services that are perfect for high-volume direct mailings.

A lettershop is very similar to a mail house, and acts as a one-stop shop for all your direct mail needs. 

Excel Printing and Mailing can offer the following lettershop services and more:

  • High quality, full-color printing
  • Assembly of direct mail pieces
  • Collating and inserting
  • High-speed folding
  • Stamp affixing and metering
  • Bursting, trimming, binding
  • Tabbing and wafer seals
  • Poly-bagging and shrink-wrapping
  • Addressing or labeling of direct mail campaigns
  • Deduplication of your mailing list / provision of mailing lists
  • Personalizing direct mail, including variable data printing
  • Preparation of your mailing in compliance with USPS regulations
  • Mailing of your direct mail campaigns


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Are Lettershop Services Right For My Campaign?

Lettershop services are ideal for the following types of direct mail campaigns:
- Newletters
- Postcards
- Letters and envelopes
- Invitations
- Brochures
- Other direct marketing mailings

Give us a call at 1-877-765-6245 for our honest opinion on your individual campaign.

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Why Choose Lettershop Services?

Lettershop services are designed to increase efficiency when it comes to every aspect of your direct mail campaign. Our ability to provide all mail house services under one roof means our lettershop services are cost-effective, streamlined and efficient.


Assembling a campaign, folding, stuffing envelopes, printing, binding and other direct mail tasks may seem simple, but are vastly time consuming without a dedicated team and professional equipment.


Our lettershop services make this process efficient, timely and successful.


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Contact us today for efficient, cost-effective lettershop services for your next direct mail campaign!

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