Spring Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Spring into your target market this year with direct mail! Don't miss the opportunity to cash in on the blooming consumer trends this year.


Spring Direct Mail Marketing Tips


As the weather continues to warm, so do the markets for many industries. As winter fades away, spring brings new and exciting opportunities for you to market your business with direct mail and capitalize on increased interest. Below are some considerations and ideas for you to make your profits bloom this spring.

Know your market

Who is your target market? For some businesses, this question is easy. For others, not so much. Determining who your market is narrows down what type of marketing you might want to do. For example, if you own an asphalt driveway sealing company, you know that your market is people who live in single-family homes and have driveways, not people in apartment complexes. Or if you operate a jewelry business, you might want to only market to people in a certain income bracket. These considerations seem simple but knowing who you should spend your time trying to reach is the first step to successful marketing, and one that many businesses don’t adequately consider.

Be aware of seasonal trends

Especially as spring approaches, being aware of seasonal trends is very important. If summer is typically the most profitable time for your business, you probably want to cash in on that trend and do some May and June marketing. That strategy would certainly be true for the driveway-sealing company mentioned above. If you’ve got an HVAC business, spring and fall are good times to send reminders for yearly tune-ups while summer and winter might be good times to offer discounts on repairs. Real estate, lawn care, and tax service businesses are also popular spring marketers.

Another seasonal strategy is to drum up business during seasons that might not normally be very profitable for you. Using direct mail can bring in customers to bolster your bottom line at a time when business might otherwise be slow.

Persistence is key

Don’t be too disappointed if your first direct mail campaign doesn’t draw in as much business as you would like. Similar to a spring flower that needs to be watered and tended to many times throughout the spring, your audience needs to be cultivated over a period of time. Some marketing experts suggest that it can take 5 or more times for a person to see your brand before they begin to recognize and remember it. Direct mail is the perfect way to keep your message in front of your audience, whether it’s every week, month, or year!

Capitalize on spring colors and feelings

Associating your brand with growth, new life, and sunshine is not only seasonal—it gives your customers the subtle hint that doing business with you will be a positive experience. While keeping your branding consistent, don’t be afraid to make bold use of spring colors and themes on your direct mail pieces to drive home your marketing. Those types of colors attract attention during the springtime and keep your marketing from becoming stale.

Spring won’t be around forever—Don’t miss your opportunity to cultivate and grow your market this season with direct mail!

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