The Benefits of Sending Real Estate Postcards

Create brand awareness with postcards! Read on for real estate postcard ideas and to get your campaign started.


The Benefits of Sending Real Estate Postcards

Real estate direct mail postcards are a popular choice for many realtors. Real estate postcards are a great way to engage potential clients and create brand awareness. Read on for top tips on the benefits of sending real estate postcards and real estate postcard ideas. 

Real Estate Agent Postcards

There are many reasons why realtors choose real estate agent postcards. Here are just a few:
  • Postcard mailings are a great way to market to residents in your target sales area.
  • It’s possible to send postcards to residents on an entire mailing route without even needing names or addresses, with EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®). This is perfect for sending real estate postcards to those in a neighborhood you wish to target.  
  • Your real estate postcard is likely to be kept by at least some of your recipients who might be looking to buy or sell in the near future. Unlike email marketing which can be easily overlooked or deleted, a postcard can be kept as a physical reminder. 

Realtor Postcards

‘Realtor postcards’ is another commonly used term for real estate postcards. This might also refer to a postcard representing a single realtor rather than a real estate firm. 
Realtor postcards not only include images of properties represented, but might also include a friendly and professional photograph of the realtor. Realtor postcards can help recipients mentally “put a face to a name” and build familiarity and trust in your target market. 

Real Estate Postcard Ideas

There are so many ways to get creative with postcards, and at Excel Printing and Mailing we’ve no shortage of real estate postcard ideas to get you started with your first campaign. Consider the following real estate postcard ideas or come up with your own! 
Real estate postcards are often used to:
  • Build brand recognition and familiarity in target areas.
  • Increase leads.
  • Notify residents of newly listed properties to encourage property interest and exemplify the caliber of homes the real estate agent has on the market.
  • Demonstrate success. “Just sold” real estate postcards are very popular. 
  • Alert those whose homes have not yet sold of your presence in the market.
  • Invite the community to an open house.
  • Introduce a new real estate agent to the community.
  • Advertise cash purchase real estate schemes.
  • Encourage those undecided about moving to assess their options.
  • Advertise bank-owned properties with low pricing.
  • Encourage residents to make the most of a free offer, like a free property valuation, for example. 
  • Celebrate – many realtors send Happy Home Anniversary postcards, or Congratulations postcards once a buyer has moved into their new home.
  • Highlight the benefits of buying vs renting.
  • Highlight the benefits of using a realtor over the ‘For Sale by Owner’ process.
  • Highlight short sale vs foreclosure options.
  • Thank clients for referrals.
  • Remind residents to get ready to list their property as spring approaches.

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