Why Choose HVAC Direct Mail Postcards?

Direct mail postcards are a hugely popular marketing method for the HVAC industry. Find out why and how to monitor your campaigns for success.


Why Choose HVAC Direct Mail Postcards?

If you’re an HVAC business owner or expert, you’ve probably noticed the popularity of HVAC direct mail postcards. If you haven’t tried direct mail postcards to market your HVAC business and are curious if doing so will work for you, you’ve come to the right place. 

HVAC Postcards

Postcards are an engaging and effective way to market for many business owners, but HVAC direct mail postcards seem to be particularly popular and successful. There are several reasons why this is an ideal marketing strategy for the HVAC industry. 
  • Using HVAC direct mail postcards means your message is sent to specific recipients in your target demographic. You can even send only to addresses in your service area.
  • With EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®) HVAC direct mail postcards, you don’t even need to know names and addresses. Instead, residents and/or businesses on whichever routes you select will receive your postcards. 
  • HVAC direct mail postcards are a great way to remind people of seasonal services they need and might otherwise forget about. Spring and Fall HVAC postcards can be particularly effective. 
  • HVAC direct mail postcards are a great way to reach new clients that are in your service area and not already committed to another service provider. 
  • Your HVAC direct mail postcard will likely be kept by at least some of your recipients, acting as a physical reminder of your business. Compare this to an email that could be immediately deleted from your prospective clients’ inbox and mind. 

HVAC Postcard Ideas

There are plenty of great HVAC direct mail postcard ideas to experiment with to make your campaign a success. 
Testing multiple ideas can help you figure out which HVAC postcard ideas work best for your target audience. Consider some of the HVAC postcard ideas below. 

Try Various Postcard Sizes

Do bigger postcards stand out to your customers in a pile of mail, or do smaller postcards convert better, as easy-to-keep reminders? Try multiple campaigns in various sizes to determine what works best for your target demographic.
EDDM® postcards also come in various standard sizes.

HVAC Maintenance Reminder Postcards 

HVAC direct mail postcards are particularly beneficial to send at certain times of the year, as or before the seasons change. These mailings are often referred to as HVAC maintenance reminder postcards. As mentioned above, fall HVAC postcards are perhaps the most popular of all, as families and businesses prepare for colder weather ahead. Spring HVAC postcards are also a popular choice, in preparation for summer months. Try summer and winter HVAC campaigns to attract those that did not get around to having their HVAC checked in advance but are in need of maintenance or repairs now that the season is upon them. 

Track Campaigns to Monitor Success

Just as you might track the success of an email campaign, it is also possible to track the success of HVAC direct mail postcards. There are several ways to do this:
  • Include phone numbers to tracked phone lines on your HVAC direct mail postcards.
  • Send recipients of your HVAC direct mail postcards to a unique URL or landing page.
  • Use promo codes and coupons unique to your HVAC direct mail postcard mailing to track the success of your campaign. 
  • Try testing two different direct mail pieces at once, for example a postcard with a unique url vs a postcard with a phone number, to see which converts best. 

Send Multiple Campaigns 

A one-off HVAC direct mail postcard campaign is a great way to get started. However, a single campaign is unlikely to bring in as great a return on investment as a carefully thought out series of mailings. Developing multiple mailing campaigns helps to build trust in your brand and create brand recognition. Become a go-to local HVAC hero with campaigns ready for your target audience as each season turns. 4-6 mailings per year is optimum for many HVAC companies.

Contact Excel Printing and Mailing 

Ready to get started with HVAC direct mail postcards? Excel Printing and Mailing is here to assist with your HVAC campaign from start to finish. Trust our designers to represent your brand, or send graphics already prepared. We can provide lists, or send to yours. Contact us for postcard mailings and EDDM® postcards today!

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