EDDM Indicia & EDDM Requirements

Use this blog post to determine which indicia to use, and ensure your mailing meets EDDM requirements.


EDDM Indicia & EDDM Requirements

EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®) can be a great way to get the word out about your business. If you’re new to EDDM®, there are a few requirements you’ll need to follow to ensure your mailings meet EDDM® guidelines.

EDDM® Requirements

EDDM® requirements and EDDM® guidelines include where to position your label or printed mailing address details, known as the optional endorsement line.

  • The address does not have to be on a label, but can be included on the design of the mailing, to save time and effort.

  • The address and EDDM® indicia placement is also important. The indicia and the address must be on the same side of the mailer.

  • The whole of your mailing address / label must also be located in the top half of your mailing piece.

  • The orientation of your address / label (i.e. whether your label is applied horizontally or vertically) does not matter.

  • Ensure your address and EDDM® indicia is on a light enough background to be easily read.

EDDM® requirements also include using simple but specific label information, depending on the category of mailing you wish to send.

EDDM® Requirements: Retail Mailing Requirements

For “retail” mailings (under 5000 mailers) the label information required is very simple. Ensure you simply include the following:



Postal Customer

EDDM® Requirements: EDDM® Business Mail Entry (BMEU)

If you plan to mail more than 5000 mailers in your EDDM® campaign, you will be using EDDM®  BMEU. When using EDDM® Business Mail Entry you will need to apply for a permit at your post office, or use your Mail Service Providers permit.

There are three label options for EDDM® Business

If you plan to send mailers to both residential homes and local businesses on the EDDM® route, use the following details:


Postal Customer
City, State 5-ZIP


If you want your mailers to go to residential addresses on the EDDM® route only, use the following EDDM® optional endorsement line:


Residential Customer
City, State 5-ZIP


If you would like your mailers to go to PO Boxes, you have the option to use this EDDM® optional endorsement line:


PO Box Holder
City, State 5-ZIP


EDDM® Indicia

What is EDDM® Indicia? An indicia is a mark that shows postage has been paid, used instead of a stamp by businesses that mail often. Businesses that mail often register for their own indicia mark. If you mail with Excel Print Mail, we will use our indicia to show postage has been paid on your EDDM® campaign.

EDDM® has a specific EDDM Retail indicia especially for businesses that do not mail often, but would like to send out an EDDM® campaign. This means you do not need to spend time stamping each campaign, and you don’t need to register for your own indicia to complete an EDDM® mailing.

Be sure to use the EDDM® Retail Indicia if you do not have an existing permit indicia. If you do have an existing permit indicia however, you may use it.

The correct EDDM® indicia for a retail campaign will include the words “EDDM RETAIL”.

Here are some examples of how the EDDM® Retail Indicia looks, and how the indicia would look when using the Excel Mailing Permit:

EDDM Retail Permit Indicia

Excel Mailing Permit indicia

EDDM Requirements: Size

Don’t forget, there are also EDDM guidelines to follow in terms of EDDM mailing size.

EDDM Postcards must meet one of the following size requirements:

  • More than 10.5” or 6.125” in height or .25” thick.


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We hope this has been helpful in terms of EDDM indicia and EDDM requirements.

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