Every Door Direct Mail for Real Estate Agent and REALTOR Postcards

Excel Printing and Mailing has vast experience in Every Door Direct Mail for REALTORS®; we send out tens of thousands of EDDM® real estate postcards weekly.


Every Door Direct Mail for Real Estate Agent and REALTOR Postcards

REALTORS® and other real estate professionals often reach out to us to ask if Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) will work for them. If you’ve had a similar question in mind, you’re right: Every Door Direct Mail® is one of the best ways for real estate agents to market to a community or subdivision and build a farm.

Why Choose EDDM® Real Estate Postcards?

Excel Printing and Mailing has vast experience in Every Door Direct Mail for REALTORS®; we send out tens of thousands of EDDM® real estate postcards weekly. There are three main reasons why Every Door Direct Mail® is the first choice solutions for many REALTORS®:

  1. Every Door Direct Mail® empowers you to tailor your design and messaging specifically to the community you wish to target.
  2. With EDDM®, you know exactly where your postcards will land.
  3. You can trust that Every Door Direct Mail® will be delivered on time.

Read on to learn more about each of these great reasons to choose Every Door Direct Mail® for your real estate agent postcards.

EDDM® REALTOR® Postcard Design and Messaging

Real estate agents typically know the areas that they want to market to, but they often look to our team for REALTOR® postcard ideas, messaging, and design.

Use Community-Specific Messaging

Real estate agents are great at creating listing descriptions and can come up with unique answers to endless questions on the spot, but your REALTOR® postcards must also demonstrate that you are an expert in the local community.

Every Door Direct Mail® allows your message to be community-specific, so you can capture your reader’s attention and establish a connection.

Successful real estate agents refer to their target neighborhoods in postcard headlines and state facts specific to the community, such as:

“Cedar Ridge homes are selling for an average of 6% more this year.”

Now, that is a powerful message.

Showcase Local Homes You Have Sold

Every Door Direct Mail® enables real estate agents to make a personal connection with the community and start a conversation with potential sellers.

One great way to personalize EDDM® real estate postcards is to showcase the homes you have sold in the area. This will establish trust between you and the recipients of your postcards, and help to position you as a local real estate expert. 

How to Bring Your REALTOR® Postcard Ideas to Life

Some REALTORS® prefer to design their Every Door Direct Mail® postcard online, while others request designs from our professional design department. You can pick and choose whether we design, print, or mail your EDDM® real estate postcards, or take care of the whole process for you.

EDDM® Real Estate Postcards Target a Specific Carrier Route

EDDM® real estate agent postcards enable you to reach local communities with specific messaging customized to them. With Every Door Direct Mail®, you are mailing to a carrier route that is defined by specific boundaries, which typically match up to subdivisions. Zipcodes are broken down into postal carrier routes. A carrier route is assigned to a mail carrier. A mail carrier only delivers Every Door Direct Mail® postcards to their carrier route. This means you know exactly where your postcards are being delivered to.

Online marketing and email campaigns can’t replace the personal touch of a postcard sent by an expert in your local community.  According to research from the United States Postal Service, 98% of people bring in their mail each day. Physical mail is something that residents still look forward to receiving and sorting through. A postcard that a reader can hold in their hand immediately makes more of an impact and is more memorable than countless marketing emails received every day.  Design your REALTOR® postcards with an image that catches the eye, and a headline about your readers’ community, and you’re bound to spark interest.

Reach Your Target Customers Quickly with EDDM® REALTOR® Postcards

Every Door Direct Mail® is the perfect choice for real estate agents looking for a fast, affordable and effective solution to reaching residents in their target neighborhoods. EDDM® postcards are quick to deploy and reach homes within a couple of days, to a week, after mailing.

Successful real estate agents use Every Door Direct Mail® to create the following direct mail pieces and more:

Since Every Door Direct Mail® is so timely, you might want to include community events or market statics on your postcard design.

Start Your EDDM® Real Estate Agent Postcard Campaign

These are just a few examples of how real estate agents and REALTORS® can effectively use Every Door Direct Mail®. Request a quote today and allow Excel Printing and Mailing to help you reach your real estate market.

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