Every Door Direct Mail for Churches

Every Door Direct Mail® is a proven and cost effective way for churches and other religious organizations to reach out to their local communities.


Every Door Direct Mail for Churches

Every Door Direct Mailers For Churches and Religious Institutions

Every church or religious organization has their own unique characteristics. Different institutions can vary based on their focus of concentration, priorities, personalities and overall culture. While the membership of these bodies understand what makes their organizations special, many churches struggle with how to best communicate their unique message to their surrounding communities.


Local Focus, Effective Outreach

One of the most effective and budget friendly ways for churches and other religious organizations to reach new audiences is by utilizing Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®). According to a recent study, most church goers live no more than 15 minutes away from their house of worship.


Every Door Direct Mail® can target hundreds of homes in the vicinity of a church’s location. Instead of relying upon often outdated mailing lists or address data bases, EDDM® targets audiences by selecting the zip codes or postal routes that the church would like to reach by sending an advertisement postcard to each home. The process is very simple and the post office will often grant discounts to non-profit organizations as well.  


Whether you are wanting to spread the word about your church, attract people to attend a certain event, raise money for a worthy cause or communicate with your community for any reason, Every Door Direct Mail® is an effective solution for sending messages to a mass audience.


Contact Excel Printing and Mailing today to learn more about how EDDM® for churches and other religious bodies has proven so successful in helping these organizations tell new people about their unique faith communities. 


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