Spring Business is Blooming!

As new consumers begin to enter into the market for spring purchases, businesses have a huge opportunity to get their message in front of their target market at a point in the year that can be very profitable. A well-designed and well-timed direct mail piece can bring that spring buying activity to your business!


Spring Business is Blooming!


As the seasons change throughout the year, each change brings with it different consumer habits. Spring is a unique and special time for consumers—regardless of how frigid (or balmy) their winter was. As the weather begins to warm, so does the market for many products and services. Businesses tuned in to the changing seasonal markets can make the most of consumer habits and turn the rising temperatures into rising profits by getting the right message in front of consumers at the right time.

Springtime Businesses

There are many different types of businesses that can cash in on the changing seasons. Just a few are:


Tax businesses – Plenty of taxpayers have an established plan for tax season, but each year as April 15 draws closer, there is always a significant number of people that wait until the last few weeks to contact someone about their taxes. These taxpayers might just go with the first tax service that comes to mind—or the first one in their mailbox.


Real Estate Services – As the school year continues into its final months, families who are planning to move are beginning to shop the real estate market. In general, parents don’t like to uproot their family during the school year—even if they’re just moving across town. Summer is the busiest season for real estate activity, but those buyers and sellers are weighing their options in the spring, when a personalized postcard just might make the difference.

Home and Yard Services – The grass needs to get cut, the air conditioner Yard_2needs to get checked, the house should get a fresh coat of paint, the car needs to be washed, and hey, maybe this is the year to finally get a pool. All of these are common thoughts of homeowners as springtime comes and home and lawn services see a huge increase in activity. Some timely spring marketing makes bringing in these consumers easier and helps make sure that activity comes to your business—not someone else’s.

Many other businesses – It’s a trend. People spend money in the spring and Business_2summer months. According to Gallup data, the average consumer’s daily spending increased 17% from January to April in 2016, and 22% in 2017. Easter, Spring Break, and Mother’s Day are sure causes of this trend, as well as general feelings of financial freedom as the winter yields to spring. As the flowers start to come out so do the wallets!

Keep it Fresh

As these fresh consumers begin to consider new ways to spend their money, so too should your business or organization be thinking about new ways to reel in this growing market. One great way to keep your image new, fresh, and relevant in the changing markets is using a professional graphic designer to create compelling marketing material. An attention-grabbing design can make the difference between your postcard getting put on someone’s refrigerator or getting tossed in someone’s recycling bin.

This year, consider using an all-inclusive printing and mailing service to freshen up your design, print high-quality marketing material, and mail it to your target market. Don’t hesitate—spring will be over before you know it and most consumers will have made their choice. Make sure that choice is you!

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